Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I press the button, it does not vibrate.
A: The lock feature is activated. Press the button three times quickly to deactivate.
A: Unit is not charged, plug in for a minimum of approximately 30 minutes.

Q: When I press and hold the button, the speed doesn’t change.
A: Once the light stops flashing, you have reached the highest speed.

Q: I want to gradually increase speed as I go along, but it always stops and then I have to press and hold again for longer each time.
A: You can increase speed by pressing and holding the button. If you do not press and hold long enough (more than two seconds), the vibrator will turn off.

Q: The vibration goes on by itself.
A: Your LUX needs to be locked; otherwise it may activate at the slightest touch.

Q: The light on the button does not go on.
A: Your LUX is running low on charge or power. Charge it by inserting the adapter into the recharge port.

Q: I dropped my LUX, is it broken?
A: Like all electronic devices, LUX is a delicate product that can obtain internal damages. It is possible that your LUX could be broken. To test its productivity, lock and unlock the vibrator, plug it in and charge the device, and check the frequency of its performance.

Q: Is it safe to boil my Lux product for cleaning?
A: Any product with electrical components is not safe to boil. Therefore, it is not safe to boil your Lux as part of its cleaning. Lux is virtually seamless which greatly minimizes on the amount of bacteria that is able to accumulate on its surface. Cleaning with your favourite toy cleaner or warm, soapy water is sufficient.